Sunday, February 6, 2011

Year of the Rabbit: Day 3

chinese-rabbit-small from bluebison DOT net

I realise I’m a little late on the draw here, but Happy Chinese New Year.

I’d feel bad, except I know that I didn’t make a New Year post to welcome the year of the Tiger last year. My bad.

My Chinese astrology book (by Damian Sharp) tells me that the year of the rabbit is a calm time of rest and recovery. (I guess the year of the Tiger is all RAWR and exhausting. I could vouch for that….)

He goes on to explain that “people will be inclined to avoid any unpleasantness” and that “money can be made without strenuous effort.”


If you’re a Cock, this year of the Rabbit is all DON’T DO BAD MATHS YOU WILL LOSE MONIES and GET HELP SUCKER YO LEGS NO GOOD FOR STANDING and stuff. **

I don’t really know what the rest of the intertubes say about the year of the rabbit, because I was busy looking for pictures of bunnies and then I got bored.


Baby bunny on wicker basket




*Not a quote from the book.

** To say I’m paraphrasing might be putting it a little too mildly.

Adorable bunny picture with Chinese character was found at


JQ said...

OH SIeW Cewt!

You make me giggle a lot. You and your footnotes. Those are footnotes...right? The container labelled "english grammar" in my brainfridge has expired.

Sarah K said...

Yes, those are footnotes.

I'm glad I caused a giggle!