Friday, February 4, 2011

Opinions Unsolicited: Fringe–Concentrate and Ask Again

I saw tonight’s episode, I understand why the shippers are all up in arms.

But please. Stop. Think.

Sam has intentionally misled Olivia in the past to get her to where she needed to be to heal. What’s to stop him from doing the same with Nina? Also, please note: he said the machine has the power to create as well as destroy. And then only talked about destruction. I’ve been watching this show long enough to know that things might not be as straightforward as we’re being led to believe they are. Also, there are no throw away lines. If it was said, it’s important.

312 Fringe Peter

But then, maybe I just want to believe that the fate of the universes don’t rest in the hands of a convoluted love-triangle.

As per the note: It is so vague as to be meaningless. Was he listening long enough to understand the complexity of what’s going on? How was he even able to distinguish between one Olivia and the other in such an abstract form? The “her” in the note could just as easily refer to our Olivia as Fauxlivia. And even if it is about Fauxlivia, of course he still has feelings! It would be ridiculous to think otherwise. What the note doesn’t do is specify what those feelings are, or how they are being intellectualised. Having a feeling is not the same as acting on a feeling. And then there’s also being in the position of having your feelings betrayed—in my experience, it doesn’t change those feelings, it simply adds a layer of pain on top of them.

There are a lot of issues for Peter and Olivia to work through here. They have to learn to reconcile with the truth of what happened, and that couldn’t possibly happen overnight. They have to also re-learn how to relate to one another from a place where the hurt Fauxlivia’s covert operation caused isn’t a driving factor.

And then there’s the episode title: Concentrate and Ask Again.

Sure, it could just be a reference to the magic 8-ball.

To me, it sounds like we’re being told to think harder.


JQ said...

yes! You put into words what I was feeling about this. A wise (and tiny) puppet once said "Things aren't always what they seem in this place, so you can't take anything for granted."

I really want to go bowling now.

Sarah K said...

And I didn't even mention Project Jellyfish!

This was mostly just a reaction to the people blowing up and getting upset on Twitter. Not that any of them will see this.

If you love the show, then just love the show and trust that the writers will take the story where it needs to go. It's one thing to be unhappy with what's been done, but it's another entirely to speculate on where you think the show might be going, and base your anger on that. People are upset over things that haven't happened! Based solely on their own projections of where the story is going.

Just wait and see people. Sheesh.

I really wish we had ten pin bowling in town. I despise the bowling balls for five pin.

And Jacq? You get A fucking + for referencing the worm.

JQ said...

I love you! OMG maybe I should seek out ten pin bowling alley in town so we can go for a game. If the if/when actually occurs. <3