Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Highlander: Episode 1 The Gathering

Netflix is a thing of wonder*. While initially I was disappointed that the shows I really wanted to watch weren’t available (Netflix options are far more limited in Canada than the US), I’ve been pretty entertained since we got it.

Highlander the seriesToday, I bit the bullet and decided to start watching Highlander: The Series from season 1. I loved this show when I was a kid (I was 11 when it premiered – I don’t know if I was watching it as it aired, or reruns, or if I didn’t see it until later seasons, or what). I’ve been curious if it’ll be as awesome now that I’m an adult and used to modern day special effects.

4 minutes in, I had to pause it so I could start writing.

Here is my list of Tweets I Never Made. ****

  1. I love Queen. Does Highlander have the best opening credits song of all time? It just might.
  2. The show starts with a blurry, soft-lighted sex scene. I giggled. Way to capture the audience’s interest.
  3. Richie made me giggle before he said or even did anything. He’s wearing a bandana and a leather jacket, so he’s CLEARLY some kind of rebellious kid. But he’s also clean shaven with cute hair, so you know he’s not really all bad. Hello TV tropes of the 80s and early 90s. I’ve missed you.
  4. When Duncan goes to investigate the shop, all shirtless and shiny, it actually makes sense that he’s all shirtless and shiny, because he was just having Teh Secks.
  5. The Immortal with the creepy metal mask really should have invested in some extra plates to cover his neck. Just seems logical to me.
  6. I never realised that Connor MacLeod made any appearances in the show! RAD.
  7. Eight minutes in. MANY broken windows*****. Sugar glass is the new door.
  8. Just watched a cop put his glasses on as punctuation. He’s no Horatio Crane.
  10. Can’t tell if Tess’ jacket is supposed to be haute couture or defense against arrows.
  11. Love it when the antagonist stops what he’s doing in order to provide us with some exposition.
  12. The bad guy puts on his creepy metal mask, proclaiming he’s protecting his most valuable asset. He should value his neck more. Just sayin’.

I was going to make some jokes about Duncan and how my mom thought he was dreamy, but I can’t actually remember if she ever has said anything that indicates that to me. She had a big thing for Kevin Sorbo, though.


kevin_sorbo hercules


She probably thought Adrian Paul was steamy too.

In other related stories, while looking for an appropriate Highlander picture I found this: inexplicable highlander

…which made me go HUH. And also this:

wesley the highlander

…which made me giggle. Not that I doubt Wesley could effectively wield a sword (well, efficiently ruthless Wesley of later Angel years, at any rate) but I very clearly searched “Highlander the series”. Maybe I’ll be surprised with an appearance by Alexis Denisof?



*It is also a thing of mass procrastination**, but we aren’t going to talk about that.

**So (obviously) is the internet in general, and this blog more specifically.***

***We aren’t going to talk about that, either.

**** Hashtag #Highlander or #RewatchingHighlander or maybe #OldSkoolTeeVeesAreAwesome



JQ said...

BWAHAHAHA. I LOVE YOU. To BITS n Pieces. Sugary window bits. The new door. :P


Sarah K said...

I've watched a couple more episodes already, and I'm highly amused both by the awesomeosity and the "bad" bits.

I wonder if I'll be able to maintain interest through the whole series. Knowing me, probably.

JQ said...

You seem to be doing just dandy. :P I haven't got the attention span for even my favorite shows right now. I dunno. BLEARG. >.<