Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I’m entering a super awesome giveaway!



So I’m entering this super amazing Konadlicious 1000 follower giveaway.

I’ve never posted about a giveaway before, but I’ve never come across one quite so FANTASTICULAR*. I nearly died of glee looking at all those polishes.

I found out about the giveaway from m’Jacqueline over at Frippery Digits. If’n you look looking at fancy manicures, you should check her out. (Of course, there exists the possibility that the only person that checks this blog is Jacqueline, and Jacqueline, I know I don’t be needin’ to tell you to look at your own blogspace).


*Fantasticular is not a good word, and I will endeavour never to use it again.


JQ said...

I like the word fantasticular. And Ifn I'm the only person who be readin yer blog you should probably consider that. MMmkai?

PS: You rock and I hope you win. :D

Sarah K said...

Consider what, exactly? That I have a sad lonely corner of the internet that only you visit?


If I win, I will be sharing prizes with you, since I don't do stamping and fancy stuff to my nails!

JQ said...

NONO sillyhead I mean consider employing the word fantasticular for my future entertainment.

:P Hoorah for sharesies! I will do the same then!