Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Word Count [ah-ah-ah]

I read through the blogs of a couple of writers who were disappointed that their word count was a mere thousand or so after also having spent eight hours at an unrelated day-job.

After tonight's work, I am at 868 words. That's total, folks*.

The going is slow, but it is still going**.

I am not discouraged, if anything, I am more driven to make the attempt to get more done, well, the day after tomorrow, since I'm not going to have much time to write tomorrow. But I will still try!

*Unless research pages count. Do they count?

...I hadn't thought so, either.

** A quick calculation showed me that at four hundred words per day, I can have 80,000 in 200 days! That is, for me, a satisfying number of words by October 31st. I can totally do that.

Also, I am aware that the word count is a nebulous thing. It's not a percentage of completion, its just a number. But I happen to like numbers a great deal, and I like bigger numbers better than small ones. And also numbers that have 8s in them, and I especially like numbers that start with an 8. It's a thing; I just roll with it. So should you.


Chandra Rooney said...

80,000 words is a good number. Can we dip that salamander in chocolate?

Sarah K said...

And see what I did there? It starts with an 8. Tasty 8s.

You could, if you wanted. He'd be less cute, but more chocolatey. I wonder if that's a delicacy anywhere. Do chocolate salamanders eat chocolate crickets?

I didn't write any words today because I was too busy re-reading someone's manuscript and making use of Word 2007's comment feature to leave notes such as "GLEE! LAUGHTER! MERRIMENT!" and "corrected typo".

JQ said...

Eeeeeeeee! You are blogging again and have been for awhile! And I haven't been. I haven't even turned this damned thing on the last month and a half. I check my Facecrack from Mum and Dad Keller's Computer because they have high speed, but I don't ever want to stay on long, as it isn't my magic thinky box.

I haven't the faintest clue what's been going on in Ginktown. I must go back and read all these entries, but this dial up is awful! Next week we will be hooked up with Sasktel's fastest connection and I will come back and read.

I hope you had a happy birfday. *hugs*

Sarah K said...

:D I hope the move is[has?] gone well, JacQ!

I had a very excellent birthday! There was music and merriment and the Mummabear was visiting!