Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My apologies, dear Reader(s),

The Mummabear breezed into town for an extended visit.

We got the spare room all set up for her [we have even managed to acquire a nice double bed for the spare room!] She was here for thirteen days.

It was an excellent visit, but not at all conducive to things like Doing My Morning Pages, Working on The Project, or Keeping the Blog Updated.

We took her back to the airport this morning at ridiculously early o'clock, and then I went to work for six thirty. Around five this evening I got the e-mail saying she made it home safely.

I'll miss having her around, although I'll appreciate having my alone time back. I felt guilty trying to work on my writing while she was here, but now there's no excuse to procrastinate anymore.

As of tomorrow, I should be re-implementing my little routine, and we'll see how it goes this time around.

The salamander is still in the brain, and the poor little guy is dying to get out.

That might just have to do with the searing of my brain due to the consumption of a sandwich that had been spread a little too generously with dijon; I imagine that little salamander is somewhat dehydrated now.


Bailey said...

Bevin here. How awesome that you got a nice long visit with your mom! :)

Meghan said...

Sounds like the visit was totally worth it :) Besides, even salamanders need vacations.

Sarah K said...

It was a great time! I'd missed her lots.

I don't think the salamander minded the time off so much. Even the little tiny bit of exertion he did in my head was tiring after so long doing nothing.

JQ said...

Oh that's so awesome that you and Mummabear got visits. *HUGS* I know you were missing her something fierce.

And I am so stoked that you have a goal for November. Goals are goodness.

As of this Sunday I have only four weeks left until baby's due date. I'm freaking out big time!

Hugs and miss you bunches!