Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On failure

I failed at writing an entry on Sunday. I slept until 1:40pm, went for Breakfast at Zeller's with B, went toy aisle perusing and dollar store shopping before eventually heading to Cleet's and Miss Ann's for a complicated board game. After which we went shopping for dinner things, and we went back to his place for tasty stir fry and a Donnie Darko viewing. Which I had never seen before.

There was no time to even turn the lappytop on.


Chandra Rooney said...


I found this blog. Now I feel clever. :D

Sarah K said...

That is because you are clever!

JQ said...

Hi U. Oooh Donnie Darko.

I am home now, but too lazy to post pics just yet cause it takes me sooo long on the dial ups. I have to go and finish threading my loom now. Ciao!