Friday, February 29, 2008

Bloggio silence

I apologise for the lack of entries over the past two weeks. My JacQueline has been in town visiting, and between her and the cute guy I got all distracted.

I am aware that it would seem I am apologising to the few of you who know me in the flesh, but this is also an apology to the blog itself. Its a fledgling little blog, trying to grow up to be a good blog, and its difficult for that to happen when it gets neglected and has no new words to absorb and feed on. This is also an apology to myself, since I had somehow convinced myself I would at least maintain my Opinion Unsolicited entries while JacQueline was here.

I will make an effort to resume my journalling of the mildly mundane this weekend. I am typing this apology from work. Tonight, I am eating pot roast at the cute guy's place. Saturday I work, andSaturday nights are never conducive to anything un-alcohol related.

But Sunday... I'll try to have something for Sunday.


JQ said...

Hi from Tiff's!
Miss u!
Your blog will forgive you!
See you Teusday!

JQ said...

Tuesday. :S

Meghan said...

So your blog and I talked and it's willing to forgive you if you have more posts about adventures in soy milkville :P

Sarah K said...

Well, I could probably manage that for tomorrow, although I am going to get my first ever pedicure [and my legs waxed] tomorrow, so I think I'll write about that.

I really hope she does the waxing before the pedicure.