Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tom Waits-A-Thon

Hell, I could have a Tom Waits-a-thon [since I've somehow decided that two movies will make an a-thon] by throwing in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

I actually think this could be a fun game. Like a six degrees game, but there's no telling how long I keep it going for.

It needs rules.

It needs a name. JacQueline, name my game for me. MovieQuest? Like your WordQuests, but different....

SO. The starting point was Sin City. And then there was Domino.

Next up: Dracula.


JQ said...

I like the a-thons.

perhaps something like...movietini.

Shake it up. Mixer.

I dunno.

Beer sounds like awesome. I want some now. RIGHT NOW.

Sarah K said...

Maybe MovieQuest for now, and they can become Movietinis when I have specific ingredient rules. Or when there are few 'ingredients', so you could do one in a day. Or something.

I was in a liquor store coveting wines with excellent labels today. I will have to show you.

JQ said...

It is seven am. I just finished typing up my artist statement (finally). Here it is:

The act of storytelling is chameleon, but regardless of the numerous ways in which stories can be given and received, the encounter invariably enriches, teaches, and stirs us. Historically, the fine art of tapestry is steeped in narrative. I find the rhythmic act of weaving to be highly meditative. My thoughts turn inwards, and I connect not only with the story that appears as the threads are shushed into place, but with an internal narrative as well. There is no more ideal way for me to combine my fascination with drawing, storytelling, and hand-work. Tapestry is the common thread.


Done and DONE.
All I have left to do is to make a casserole and have a shower. I may attempt to compact my stuff into one duffel as well.

See you an hour ago tomorrow!

Fortune said...

Ooh Movietini is way better than my idea (Moviemonium)... go with that!