Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Opinions Unsolicited: Funky Llama, The Way of the Gun, and Voltaire [but in a different order]

Voltaire: The musician, not the French writer. I discovered Voltaire through StumbleUpon. The artwork on his website was awesomely fun. When I was in Whitehorse this past December, I found one of Voltaire's comics in the comic store. I told my friend to buy it for me, since he'd just finished telling me that I should have told him to buy me some other book I'd seen somewhere else.

So what do I have to say about Deady volume 4? Well, the fact that I'm not going to link it says something all on its own I think. The artwork is fun. The writing is juvenile and the humour is beyond me. There were a few things that could have been funny in a subtle way, but were drawn attention to in annoyingly lame way. It was kind of like when you listen to someone tell a joke, and it turns out its a pretty good joke, but they overplay it or butcher it in such a way that it stops being funny before you even get to chuckle.

His music is still pretty damn good though.

This is one of my favourite songs of his lately. I don't think he has actual music videos, which is unfortunate because the instrumentation is fabulous in his songs when he has an entire band playing with him. Although, I confess that the little, uh, “intermission” is amusing.

Funky Llama: I remember a time when I didn't know whether or not I liked wine.

But I had bought some pretty wine glasses and figured I needed to find out.

How did I go about this learning process? Well, I certainly didn't ask the people that work at the liquor store for suggestions. Bah. I saw a bottle with turtles on the label and thought 'Squeeeeeeeeee! Turtles!'

And lo it was good.

This method has, on occasion failed me. But not with the Funky Llama. That was some tasty vino. I don't really know what else to say, other than, in the absence of wine glasses [I was drinking at a friend's place, he lacks in the glasses for wine department], it was wonderful to consume straight from the bottle.

Also should point out that I do not recommend drinking this wine to the point of causing spins-induced vomiting. Its pretty acidic coming back up.

Not that I ever drink. Drinking is bad. Shame on you.

The Way of the Gun: The day after massive amounts of Funky Llama was consumed [and since I'm going to assume that you read the bits above this segment, I'm also going to assume that you aren't assuming I ate rotten llama meat. Although that could probably account for some morning after ickiness as well – one would assume....]Um. Where was I? Right. The day after consuming the massive amounts of wine, we all went out for breakfast, and then back to the wineglassless dwelling to hang out. And this is what we watched.

I liked it. There was only one scene that was bordering on too much for me too handle, and it was handled very well. This movie does not treat its viewers like idiots. It didn't spoon feed me the subplots. All in all, it was very open ended, left a lot to the imagination, and that was pretty awesome.

I can't think of the other bits that I wanted to say about the movie. It was two days ago, and now I'm watching Buffy. Or more specifically, I'm watching Spike. He's talking about onions. Um. Stuff. Smiles!

The Deady comic image was thievered from this site.
Funky Llama picture was stolen from here.
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Meghan said...

LOL, way to cover your butt for any image copywright infringement suit.

Also I think that we should taste test some Llama's in a bottle soon.

Sarah K said...

I could be persuaded to purchase more. And I can always be persuaded to drink from the bottle.

JQ said...

mmm maybe that what we should do on the 17th! Get funk on llama juice. :P

Sarah K said...

And play scribble and crib! Yessssssss!

Stephanie said...

Ah, it's good to see someone else has discovered the Pretty that is Voltaire. I saw him *mumble mumble* years ago at Convergence, opening for Peter Murphy. Good show, he's great live. Really engages his audience.

I am intrigued by the Funky Llama wine. Sadly, my llama-obsessed cousins have come down with babies and are unable to drink for several more months.