Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Experiments in Home-made Soymilk, numero the second

I checked out the ingredient list on the carton of soymilk [So Good], and corn syrup is indeed on it. Kinda high on the list, actually. I avoided the corn oil, since corn syrup is pretty thick already.

Also, I doubled the amount of beans I used too.

Here is the recipe of today's soy milk:

1 cup soybeans [after soaking, I didn't measure them before hand]

¼ cup of corn syrup

couple of pinches of salt

fill blender with h20 to the 1 litre mark

2 teaspoons of vanilla

It seemed to me like I should have gone a little easier on the syrup and vanilla, since I wasn't sure how it would taste, but alas and alack, I used about double what I told myself I should of both. Three cheers for self control!

I have half a cup of it here in front of me. It smells really strongly of vanilla, and it still seems to have that skim milk texture. But the colour is much more appealing this time.

Well. It definitely tastes better. But it could be better yet. I think I will definitely try the thing with the peel to lift out some of the bean flavour. Mostly, I would love to think of a way to improve the texture.

And less vanilla next time. Definitely less vanilla.


Meghan said...

This product is starting to sound mighty tasty. You may be in the soy milk making business soon!

Sarah K said...

It's pretty tedious to do this way, I don't know that I'd get into kitchen-manufaturing of the soymilks.

JQ said...

You could try simmering the milk until it reduces by half. That might work for the skim milk problem. It works with Chicken broth at any rate! :P