Friday, February 1, 2008

It's Never Enough

No matter how long the band plays, you always want more. Well, if they're good anyhow. When they sound like their playing their instruments with cheese graters and live rats, maybe you don't so much want more. But I digress.

I went with several friends to see Econoline Crush play at the Grotto last night.

My first impression, before the band even started playing, was WOW. The DJ is playing nothing but music that I know all the words to! I was very pleased. I was also pleased that I managed to not topple over in my fabulously sparkly shoes I wore – my first venture out into the world wearing stilletos. Glittery, coppery, testicle piercing stilletos. Wearing my stilletos, I managed to approach the height of most of my friends that I had gone out with.

The band was awesome, and super high energy. I like high energy musics. The show went quickly, and when it was over, I craved more. Because I am insatiable, not because of some

inability on the part of the band to satisfy musically.

Although, interesting sidebar! I realised a huge difference in having a crush on a band when you're like. Sixteen and twenty six. When you're sixteen and some dude in the band sticks his tongue out, you just think its. I don't know. Hardcore or something. You don't get it, but its just apart of the rock star mystique and you accept.

When you're twenty six and same [attractive] guy in the band sticks his tongue out, and you catch yourself thinking 'Damn, he can lick the underside of his own chin...' and then your mind goes to a dark place [because some of us just prefer the lights off] and you start to blush.

That could just be me, though.


I enjoy where they've gone with the new album, which, after the show, I of course had to purchase [with monies I borrowed from a friend, since most of my own monies had been spent on the boozeamahol]. Which I got signed, because hey! the band was standing right there by the merch table at that point. And I was given a free poster [which had a $5 sign on them], which I also had signed. I tried to talk to Trevor, but I didn't really have anything interesting to say, and some girls more exuberant than myself distracted him. I got to tell the other band members I enjoyed the show though, and they all seemed pretty nice.

I hope I get the opportunity to see them again, it was a really good time.

And damn, were my shoes sparkly.

You don't know how close I came to posting a video for Sparkle and Shine that is actually a teeny boppy song with Sailor Moon imagery.

I couldn't find a video for Never Enough. This wasn't my favourite song of the evening, but I wanted to post a video with good sound quality that didn't look like crap. I could have posted this video for Never Enough:

but it was the most boring thing in the world, so I thought I'd spare you guys the ennui.

[See what I did there? I'm terrible, it's true]


JQ said...

I would like to see a picture of said stilettos if you ever get the chance. Though I suppose you can just show them to me in TWO WEEKS! woot!

Ah...but how tawdry a world this would be without our dark little pleasures.

I am glad you had funs. :) And I am unaffected by the lack of posting videos due to the mind numbing slowness that is dial up.

JQ said...

Mornings are good. I can construct intelligent sentences in the morning. Apparently I can type coherently as well.

I must have coffee now.

Marblehead Johnson said...

Why did it just delete my comment while I was typing?

Anyways, you got two comments? I am teh jealous! Also, thank you for sparing me the testicle-piercing part of your shoes. It's appreciated. I can't believe they didn't play "Make It Right".... Homer sad now.

Sarah K said...

You know, I'd never even heard Make it Right until yesterday when I was looking for videos to link.

And my offer of coppery glitter stilleto vasectomy still stands. I'm here for you.

Marblehead Johnson said...

No, I think I'll go with the Star Trek laser vasectomy... no offense, that's slightly more accurate than your shoes.


Also, Make It Right rules.

Meghan said...

I want to see these pretty shoes you speak of!

Sarah K said...

Everyone's excited [or apprehensive] about the shoes, noone cares about the show

Marblehead Johnson said...

All the awesome people were AT the show, we don't need to talk about it...