Sunday, November 9, 2008

Adventures in Putting Things Into Boxes and Then Taking Them Out Again

Moving sucks. Sure, you start out by looking for a place together, and its all exciting because its something you do together.

You find aplace that seems perfect for you, and you say that you'll take it.

And then you have to work up the will power and energy and time to take everything you own, put it all in boxes, so that you can move it across town and then take it back out of the boxes and place everything in a new configuration.

If you're especially lucky, when you eventually move all those boxes [and furniture, you can't leave all the furniture behind], you'll discover all sorts of exciting things in the new place that just weren't evident from the beginning. Such as exposed water pipes in your spare room. Or a dryer vent that's less a vent and more a big hole in the wall.

All told though, the new place is nice. We're through about two thirds of the boxes now [the majority of the remainder have to do with kitchenware]. It sucked that Mr. B's van refused to start the day after the move, but not as much as it would have sucked if the van had refused to start the day of the move.

I'm still not really feeling at home here yet, there is still the sensation that I'm trespassing, or just visiting for a short while, and then I'll be back in the old familiar townhouse.

To offset that, tomorrow I am hoping to make some banana bread. Maybe some home baked goods will get me feeling more like this home.

I'll make an attempt to post in regards to said baking tomorrow.


Meghan said...

Baking and hanging pictures is always key to making a place feel like home. :) Congrats to you both on the new place, can't wait to see it!

Sarah K said...

One day soon, it will be ready to reveal to the world! Mwahahaha!

Seriously though, we should be planning a housewarming in the soonish era.

Marblehead Johnson said...

A post!


Sarah K said...

There have been two in as many days! Shock! Surprise!

JQ said...

yes! wee! and entry! Oh crap. I should probably make a post in mine too. But first I have to make something crafty and cool which i can then take a picture of and make a post about. hmm. Okay off to read the other two entries!