Sunday, February 10, 2008

Year of the Rat, Day Four

Today I lost an envelope with eighty five dollars in it, between one bank and another [there were a couple of stops in between, but essentially, that statement is true].

With some creative budgeting, one raspberry Smirnoff Twisted, a bag of Mini Eggs, and fiddling with my new obnoxiously pink cell phone, and I am no longer feeling as though I might go into SARAH SMASH mode.

In between the moments of panic and the moments of thankfulness that it hadn't been my entire paycheque in the envelope, all I could think was that some Chinese Rat is laughing somewhere.

I am lazy and do not feel like linking to the sites I borrowed this pictures from.


Meghan said...

I like the celly. It's not too obnoxious, just obnoxious enough.

Sarah K said...

It plays the pink panther theme when it rings.

JQ said...

I love you.

And I totally get that some Chinese rat somewhere is laughing.

Mmmmini egsss.

Sarah K said...

I ate all the mini eggs up! mmmyummmm

Solitaire said...

Hope the rest of the year is now going well for you.

Sarah K said...

I hope it will too :)