Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy New Year!

Okay, I'm a couple of days late. But Thursday was the Chinese New Year. We have now moved into the year of the Rat [and if we want to get super technical, its the year of the Earth Rat].

So woooooo! And stuff.

This Chinese Astrology stuff is pretty nifty. I bought a nice little book about it from the store that I work at. Simple Chinese Astrology by Damian Sharp. The cover is white and red, and the book gets a huge bonus for being authored by a Damian. [While looking for a link on Amazon to the book, I learned that there is a Simple Numerology book written by the same author. I may have to get work to order it for me].

I'm born in the year of the Metal Rooster. Here's what Mr. Damian says about my outlook for the year [and the outlook of more than a few friends of mine as well]:

A difficult year in which money is hard to come by and the Rooster finds little to no assistance from friends or associates. Troubles at home and minor health problems are indicated as the Rooster must go it alone to solve his problems.

Well. That is not the chipper news I was looking forward to.

Ah well.

So, I have plans for my next tattoo. It involves getting the symbol for Taurus at the nape of my neck, with the writing for Rooster and Metal below that. But I have to make sure that the writing I end up getting actually says what I mean it to say. I eventually will add the same symbols as they relate to my parents and brother as well. Which means I likewise need the symbols for Gemini, Aries, Rat, Boar and Fire too.

If anyone knows of or can think of a good resource that I can trust, that would be awesome. [I've checked some sites online, but I have noticed minor differences in stroke order and direction from one site to another, which makes me think that there are two ways to write rat in Chinese, and one of them may be more appropriate than the other for the purpose I intend to use them. Its going on my body forever, I don't want ambiguity there, you know?]

I might just go to the university and talk to my old Japanese instructor. She can probably put me on the right path.

I thievered my rat picture at the top from here because I don't have any pictures of my Nez :(


JQ said...

Oooh not a very optimistic outlook eh?

sadness that you don't have any pics of the Nez.

See you in six more sleeps!

Sarah K said...

Also sadness that you never met the Nez. She was a sweetie.

Stephanie said...

Sorry about the envelope!

So, um, the taurus/rooster thing. Will it bother you forever if I point out that means you will have a tattoo of a bull cock on your body?

Sarah K said...


That makes it even better!

Sarah K said...

[It'll be a METAL bull cock].