Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hope noone expected too much

I'm a terrible person, I know. The force of my own excitement isn't even enough to sustain me through a follow up action.

The camera that I was given turns out to not take very good pictures at all. And I can't make the flash work, which really doesn't help out with the photo quality....

I am currently working on a sweater out of my Pretty in Punk pattern book I picked up over my Yukon holidays.

It's almost finished now, but there were a few setbacks.

The largest of which being I was too lazy to go online to convert the needle size to mm so that I would be able to pick up the right size needles for the pattern. I ended up with needles one or two sizes too small, and thusly ran out of yarn.

I would have known I would run out of yarn by checking gauge, but I never check for gauge. One of these days, that lesson is totally going to sink in.

After realising I didn't have enough yarn to complete the project, I went back to the yarn shop [called Bead Connections. I know, I know] to see if they had anymore of the pretty green and purple variegated mohair.

One. Ball. Left.

I was positively gleeful. After ripping out the sleeves so I could make the body longer, I have now reworked the sleeves to a nice length, and have only to work from the top of the shoulders up. I should be able to complete it tonight.

Very excited.

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Meghan said...

My brain tells me knitting is not fun, but your writing tells stories of art and fashion coming together to make a cool sweater. Can't wait to see the finished product.