Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I managed to write two entries in one year! Shock! Surprise!

I'm considering using this space to help me learn about tarot.

Well, more specifically, I am considering using this space to write about whatever I happen to be learning about at the time, and right now, that's mostly tarot. In February, Jacqueline will be here teaching me how to use a drop spindle, and I imagine my crafter's A.D.D. will get the best of me and I will move on to other projects as well.

And the best part is [well, maybe not the best, but I'm a fan of this part] is I was given a digital camera this weekend! So I can take stupid pictures of things [or awesome pictures of stupid things, you know, whichever]. Its not the highest quality camera, but I tend to spend my money on important things like cat food and the DVD set of the first season of Heroes, so I'm not going to complain overly much.

I haven't quite worked out how I'll deal with writing about tarot readings yet, I think I'll look up a few more blogs on the subject first.

One way or another, I'm kinda excited.

I guess the short version of this entry would be: Expect to see more posts from me.

Yup. That about summed it up. Hopefully someone will find those posts interesting.


JQ said...

Hi! I'm sorry I never even thought to click on your name and that you would have something at blogspot for me to look here I am now and I...I think I have subscribed to your blog now...hopefully.

I can't wait to do some spinning and inkles weaving maybe while I am there. I spoke to Tiffers this morning and I figure I'l come out...right around missedmas eve, or the day before that. What do you think? Tiffers is taking March 1st through 4th off and wants to come get me on the 27th or 28th then drop me back on the 4th to spend the last of my time with you again. :) Thoughts?

Meghan said...

Yay, I have access to your blog. I patiently await the rambles, opinions and thoughts of my Sarah-kat

Sarah Kimberly said...

And look at her go! I mean WOW. Its been what? Nearly three months and no new entries....

I thought about writing. Really. I promise.