Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitchen Experiments: Cranberry Bruschetta


I get a recipe emailed to me every day from Peak of the Market, and a couple of weeks ago I got a recipe for cranberry bruschetta.

I love cranberry, so this seemed like a good idea to me.

After spending a day maniacally cleaning my kitchen so that I would be comfortable cooking in it (I’m neurotic. I cannot happily cook if there is even a single dirty dish in the sink), I gave it a go.

Instead of using a can of cranberry sauce as the recipe called for, I decided to first try my hand at making cranberry sauce from scratch.


Once I looked up the recipe, I had to roll my eyes. It takes three ingredients. One of them is water.

I’m never buying a can of cranberry sauce again.


So, once the sauce was made, I started on the bruschetta recipe, which meant adding some sugar, garlic, red onion, basil and sage and red wine vinegar. I couldn’t find fresh basil so I substituted dry (the internets told me to substiute 1 tsp dried for 1 tbsp fresh).



It looks basically the same as the other picture.

But trust me, it’s different.




One thing  failed to take into account is that my recipe for homemade cranberry sauce makes considerably more sauce than comes out of a single can. I should have doubled the bruschetta recipe. Oops.

That being said, it was still super tasty. Just not quite as savoury as I was expecting. I’ll remember that for next time.


I brought it to the neighbour’s house and we played some Settlers of Catan and nommed the bruschetta on french bread with camembert.

I loved this stuff enough to want to learn how to can. But that’ll have to wait for a day when I can afford the jars and pots and seals and stuff.


JQ said...

I love canning jams and jellies! I have jars, seals, and a pressure cooker! We should try that when you make me some nomnom bruschetta! As if we don't have enough on the todo list...

Sarah K said...

I would totally be pleased to can up some cranberry bruschetta with you. We'd have to buy a lot of cranberries to make it worth our while to bother, though.