Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Project

I said I was excited a few posts back, and that remains the case.

Unfortunately the starting point I gave myself is a rather difficult one, and I find myself getting frustrated easily with how I little I know about what is an integral part of the overall story.

I have 428 words. It doesn't even fill a whole page in Word. It took me two separate sessions to write. I used to write short compositions in English class that were longer and took no more than half an hour.

Still, I'm proud of my 428 words. They make a good starting point.

I'm off to find some videos of salamanders.

I got this photo from this article that talks about the decline of salamanders in Central America.


Bailey said...

Bevin here. I think 428 words is great! It's all about baby steps.

Sarah K said...

Everyone seems to be agreeing on that particular point. I find it encouraging and motivating. [Thanks!}

I just wish I could take the day off paid work in order to research and write.

Chandra Rooney said...

I love 428 words. They are yummy.

Sarah K said...

And in some places [China and Japan] salamanders are considered yummy, as well.

Meghan said...

428 words is better than no words. Fact.

Oh, and YAY!

Sarah K said...

:D :D

Still sitting at 428 words. But there are several pages worth of research now!