Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We interrupt your irregularly scheduled programming

I was in the midst of playing with the widgets and thingers on my blog, after which I intended to write a post about a show Mr. B. and I just finished watching tonight.

But then our puppy, Sunday, got very displeased with the other dog in the room, and stared at her and growled and barked. For a good fifteen minutes.

This other dog lives in the glass of our entertainment unit, and looks just like Sunday. But, you know. Mirror-imaged.

They sat mere inches apart but couldn't touch. Woeful, really.

Reflective surfaces are so distressing for pets.

Sunday is much larger than this now, and less purple.


Bailey said...

Oh, I'm glad he's lost his purple-ness. Can you imgine how much more distressed he would feel if the puppy in the reflection were also purple? :P

Nice to see you blogging again!

PS- This is Bevin, not Bailey. She started a blog under my gmail account (for safety) so now my gmail is all screwed up. (Check out her blog, it's cute!)

Sarah K said...

I will!

Also, Sunday is a girl.