Sunday, March 29, 2009

Opinions Unsolicited: Goblins - Life Through Their Eyes

Goblins is not a webcomic that needs any sort of endorsement from my blog or its two regular readers.

I've been reading and loving this comic since before I owned this portable magic thinky box*, and if any of the two of you happen to decide to read it, be aware that it is not a thing to pick up in the middle. You'll want to go through the entire archive here. We're talking years of story there. Also: you'll appreciate a whole lot more with some D&D understanding under your belt.

No, this isn't an endorsement.

It's somewhat of a plea.

For a Very Long Time Now, we've been in the midst of a battle scene. It's very awesome. The graphic nature of the comic sometimes makes me cringe a little, but that isn't what has me upset.

What has me upset is the current cliffhanger, and I've been going back repeatedly throughout the course of the week hoping that the author might have put up the new update early. It's a little pathetic that I am such the bleeding heart that I am so concerned about characters that I didn't even meet until a page ago, but could you please let these two have a Not Horrible Ending? I'd really appreciate that.


* to understand this reference I send you Scary-go-round, mid-story. Do not worry, it is not scary, only awesome. For the full amusing set-up you can either go to the beginning of Chapter 32: Giant Days from the Chapters link at the top of the page; for a shorter more to the point set-up, hit the previous button twice.


Bailey said...

Again, Bevin here. Not Bailey! (I've got to fix that.)

Hee hee I'd never heard of that comic before but I like it!

By the way, maybe you'd like to join the ranks of *my* blog's two faithful readers... I also have, but it is updated much less frequently.

Sarah K said...

Which one? Goblins or Scarygoround?