Sunday, June 15, 2008

And the moment noone's been waiting for!

Except for Meghan. I know this because she told me so.

I would like to apologise to [all four of] you that read this for my prolonged blogio silence. I have apologised thusly in the past, I know. This is an apology as much to myself as anyone else. I was just getting into the swing of updating this thing regularly, I had things to type about, it was good. And then I met Mr. B. I made some efforts for a couple of months to continue with the posts, and then suddenly, BAM nothing for nearly two months.

It turns out that having a boyfriend is way more distracting than I realised. That's mostly my excuse. In turn, Mr. B. has been neglecting many of his hobbies as well. This is something that we will manage to get back on track with once we actually move in together.

Which is anytime now. He starts paying rent here next month, but the necessary bedroom furnitures are going to start moving in this coming week, I think.

But this wasn't the moment noone except for Meghan has been waiting for. This is me finally posting pictures from my trip to Vancouver. You remember, the one that happened in April.

Here we go. Vancouver trip, Day One.

Food on the grill at Kobe, the Japanese restaurant we went to the first night that I was there. It was a lot of fun.

Five little [well, big] lobster tails, all in a row.

And a cool store display my father and I came across while walking around after dinner.

Photos from the following days to come later. Because I'm a brat. And also, I want to play video games now.

Also to come sometime in the next little while: comments about the new Serenity comic book mini-series, Indiana Jones, The Day Watch, Dead Fish, couches and having an X-box 360.

That list exists mostly to hold myself accountable to this blog for the next little while.

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