Monday, April 14, 2008

Year of the Rat, day 65

I have photos of my past weekend in Vancouver with my family that I intend to eventually share. My birthday is coming up in a week, and there are likely to be festivities.

But all I can focus on when I sit down at my laptop is the fact that we were robbed on Wednesday.

We weren't cleaned out. There are no signs of a break in, but that means little in this place, where breaking in is disgustingly easy and not noticeable.

Mr. B. and I were going to sit and watch some Heroes. We're on the second disk of season 1. The set was not on the coffee table where I'd left it. Ms. K., my roommate, had moved it the day before to put a disk back in it, so she helped me look for it. Mr. B. helped me look for it. We couldn't find it, but I didn't think much more of it than 'The house probably ate it, and will spit it back out later'.

I was firmly convinced of our misplacing it until Ms. K. called me from her room to tell me we'd been robbed.

The sudden change in opinion was caused by the lack of her laptop in her room. And the rearranged cupboard doors.

I walked into my room to see a pile of clothes on the floor by my bed that had previously been occupied by a backpack I had not yet unpacked from my trip. Also, my closet door was open, which I never leave open since the cats are assholes that like to use the closet floor as a litter box when they are too lazy to go downstairs.

I rushed back downstairs to look at my DVD collection again, since there'd been a nagging 'this isn't quite right'ness in the back of my head since my initial search for Heroes. All three of my Samurai X DVDs are missing. Titan AE is missing, along with both Dominion Tank Police and Final Fantasy X and X-2. I couldn't help [and still can't help] but feel that there is more missing, but that I won't realise precisely what until I go to watch it. I have a lot of DVDs. I don't remember exactly which ones, but I know I had more anime on that shelf.

We had a police officer come by, he was sympathetic, but essentially told us there's little that can be done. He was nice though. He played with Squee.

Flash forward to the next morning, I realise that my gold necklace with locket [containing pictures of my little brother and father] is gone. So far as I can tell, that's the only jewelry missing.

Flash forward to ten minutes before I started writing this entry. I went to check on my stash to see if I had any money in it. My stash is a pretty puzzle box that my father had given me when I was about twelve years old. The bad news is, its gone. The good news is, there can't be any money in it, since the cheque from which money would have been stashed wasn't cashed until they day after the robbery.

Right now, the thing that upsets me most [other than my relief that my laptop was left alone - I feel so bad for Ms. K. and I feel bad that I am so glad that mine is okay. I have bizzare guilt issues.] is that anytime now that I notice something missing, I'm going to get this angry violated feeling all over again. Furthermore, its just plain irritating when something you want is no longer there.

I'm cranky. I was all excited about the scones I was going to make too. Maybe I should still do that. It might distract me some.


Bevin L said...

That blows chunks!!!! :( I'm sorry to hear about this. {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}


Sarah K said...

Thanks Bevin :)

I didn't know you visited these parts of the intertubes!

Meghan said...

Sorry to hear about your robbery. Making scones won't help but they will make you feel a little better (and taste good).

Let me know if there is anything I can do

Bevin L said...

Yes, I forgot about yer blog for awhile but only recently remembered (and remembered to add it to my favourites list.)

Marblehead Johnson said...

Holy baldercrap, that sucks!


That really doesn't help, but it's the best I can do.

JQ said...

Awe Bella. I am soooo sorry!
I tried to stretch my arms long enough but I can't reach you.

Sarah K said...

I appreciate the sentiments,guyses. Thanks :)